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Background Check Services

Background Check Services for all your needs!

Background checks are an important part of any business. They help landlords and employers ensure that they’re bringing on qualified and trustworthy applicants. One of the most important components of a background check is the SSN Trace, which provides information about an individual’s credit history, address history, and aliases.

Additionally, employers can perform a Sex Offender Search to make sure that candidates have not been convicted of any sex-related crimes. Global Watchlist Records can also be used to identify individuals with ties to terrorist organizations or other criminal activities. Finally, National Criminal Records provide information about any criminal convictions or pending charges in a particular jurisdiction. By utilizing these background checks, employers can ensure that they are making informed and educated decisions.

Here are the two background check services that Lab Test Depot provides:

Background Check Package (Basic)

  • InstaCriminal National Criminal Database Search (Instant)
  • National Sex Offender Search (Instant)
  • OFAC/Terrorist Watchlist (Instant)
  • SSN + Alias Name Check + Address History Search (Instant)

Landlord Package 

  • InstaCriminal National Criminal Database Search (Instant)
  • SSN + Alias Name Check + Address History Search (Instant)
  • State Eviction Records Check 
  • Credit Report with FICO score

We offer a variety of background check services to meet your personal & business needs. Some services provided are SSN Trace, Sex Offender Registry, Global Watchlist Records, and National Criminal Records, just to name a few!


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