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Should I Do Routine Blood Testing Regularly?

It is commonly recommended to do routine blood test checks at least once a year to ensure you are healthy and not lacking any nutrients, or spot disease and cure it in a timely manner. However, you might need to do routine blood testing more often depending on your health condition, therefore, please consult your doctor on this matter.

What Are Common Blood Tests?

Complete Blood Count, also known as CBC, is the most common blood test that can be performed in our laboratory. This blood test is used to evaluate general health status, spot various disorders, and analyze nutritional profile. Other common blood tests that our laboratory offers are Prothrombin Time used to measure how long it takes blood to clot, Basic Metabolic Panel carried out to evaluate blood sugar and fluid balance, as well as Thyroid Panel, Nutrient Tests, and others

How Does Paternity Testing Prove Who the Father is?

The most common biological samples for paternity testing are saliva and blood that are taken from both an alleged father and a child. The DNA profiles of both parties are further analyzed and compared in order to determine paternity. Please note that the paternity testing accuracy varies from 90 to 99%.

What is DNA/ Paternity Testing?

Paternity testing is the analysis of DNA profiles in order to determine whether an individual is the biological father of a child. Paternity testing can be used for legal purposes, such as a court case or divorce procedure, or for personal non-legal purposes. Our laboratory offers highly accurate paternity testing delivered in up to X business days.

How Does Pre-Employment or Workplace Drug Testing Work?

Choose the employees or candidates you are willing to test and let us know their contact details. They will be notified about the date and time of their drug test per phone or email. As a rule, a subject needs to come to the laboratory within 24 hours so that the drugs are not excerpted from the body, and can still be detected. After that, the candidates will be asked to submit their biological materials, be it urine, blood, hair, saliva, or sweat. The results will be directed to the employer in 1-3 working days, nevertheless, some drug tests might take longer – up to 1 week.

Why Would I Need Drug Testing Services as an Employer?

If your company, facility, or institution is directly connected to public safety, such as medical services or transportation, drug testing will help you detect drug abuse, prevent possible accidents and offer timely medical assistance if necessary. Drug testing can also be a part of the pre-employment procedure to ensure your potential employee does not abuse drugs and will not cause any issues for your business.

What Biological Sample Will Be Used for Drug Testing?

Urine is considered to be the most common material that is taken for drug testing, as drugs stay in it even after the effects have worn off. The second most popular biological sample for drug testing is saliva, as referred to as a mouth swab test. Although it is a quick way of getting results, it might not prove the long-term use of drugs. Other less common biological samples include hair, blood, and sweat.

Will Drug Testing Detect Prescription Drug Abuse?

Absolutely, prescription drug abuse is a serious issue in the US, and it can be minimized by regular drug testing that is introduced at numerous colleges, sports organizations, and workplaces. Our drug tests will show if a subject abuses prescription drugs, and in case of a positive result, we will be able to detect what drugs have caused the addiction.

In What Cases is Drug Testing Needed?

Drug testing is a common practice of a pre-employment procedure, especially when it comes to workplaces where public safety is of high importance, such as transportation and hospitals. Moreover, drug testing is used by colleges and sports organizations to spot drug abuse, prevent possible accidents, and offer help if needed.

What is Drug Testing?

Drug testing is the analysis of blood, urine, hair, or other materials aimed at determining the presence of certain drugs in a human body. This type of testing is commonly used by employers, colleges, sports organizations, and federal institutions, and can be done in our laboratory.

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